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We made it: Another successful SAPPHIRE NOW conference event has come and gone. Thanks again to all of our tremendous presenters who made this year’s event an enormous success.

The wide array of presenters showcased how consumer products software is giving companies the ability to manage increasingly complex global supply chains, expand their mobile technologies to better foster growth in expanding markets, and harvest insights from mountains of data in real time to optimize consumer engagement and promotions.

Maybe you missed this year’s SAPPHIRE NOW. Or maybe you didn’t have enough time to make it to all of the great presentations. Whether you attended the conference or not, here are some key insights from our consumer products presenters to keep the conversation going and enable you to turn insight into action for your business.

Managing the Global Supply Chain

Consumer products companies now have the ability to develop insights that were not possible before. It used to take hours or even days to find the right data that shows why lost sales may be resulting from fulfillment issues or insufficient inventory levels. But with solutions such as the SAP Demand Signal Management solution powered by SAP HANA, companies are now able to drill down on analytics based on both internal and external data, helping
enable them to focus on detailed key performance indicators from a global scale down to a local level.

These insights are shaping the way the modern supply chain is managed. In the past, the supply chain was typically assessed on three factors: cost, service, and quality. But modern supply chains deal with factors such as demand volatility, regulatory factors, Big Data, risk management, sustainability, and more. Companies such as Colgate-Palmolive knew firsthand the challenges of managing a complicated global supply chain, and it knew it needed help to manage it. Working together with SAP, it has now implemented a solution that helps the company react to market changes in real time, enabling it to address customer needs, supply chain inefficiencies, and inventory levels quickly and profitably.

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The Case for Role-Specific Mobility

Except for the conversation about growing data volumes, mobility is probably the most used buzzword at conferences. This is for good reason: With more devices speaking to one another and more people controlling them via the Internet of Things, businesses now have the opportunity to build fully functioning, mobile workforces.

But while technology is making the mobile workforce a reality, it is not as simple as putting handheld devices in the hands of your sales force and sending them on their way. As the team from Nestlé showed us at SAPPHIRE NOW, the company is reinventing its business user experience with the help of SAP Fiori and SAP Screen Personas through greater convenience, personalization, and simplification of its mobile applications and devices across the globe.

For example, the flexibility and adaptability of SAP Fiori enables Nestlé to develop apps that give the company’s sales reps the ability to simplify the sales and transactions process. Without having to waste time navigating through unnecessary information or clunky user interfaces, sales reps are given only the information they need to efficiently deliver better customer experiences to win in new and existing markets. With the help of SAP Fiori and SAP Screen Personas, the company is making role-specific apps and scr...

Harvest Insights in Real-Time

The growth of innovative analytics solutions has presented consumer products organizations with the ability to gain more actionable information than ever before. Single in-memory platform solutions available today are able to gather and analyze data simultaneously from numerous sources both internal and external for deeper insights and competitive advantage.

At Johnsonville Sausage, for example, analytics is the catalyst for growth. Implementing innovative analytics solutions, the company is now able to build a better customer experience, craft sales promotions more in-tune with consumer marketing strategies, and measure campaign effectiveness with better visibility into market and supply chain performance.

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Turning SAPPHIRE NOW Insights into Action

Mobile technology, more efficient global supply chain management, and faster insights from more data are changing the consumer products landscape. With the help of IT, more consumer products companies are leveraging these capabilities to get closer to their customers, learn more about their consumers, and improve business processes enterprise-wide.

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