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You are curious about which influence projects will start next? You want to shape the future of your SAP software investments? You would like to make use of the opportunity given by SAP to actively influence products/solutions you are using already and/or you would like to use in future? As a SAP customer with a valid maintenance contract, you are enabled to all of this above! We will show you where you get the right information at. It’s all on the Customer Influence site available under

List of Influence Projects to start in near future

Customer Connection Program (CC)

Especially designed for companies that invest in mainstream maintenance services for their SAP software, the CC provides you the opportunity to collaborate closely with dedicated SAP development teams and a global user community to incrementally enhance the products/solutions they use today.

In the List of Improvement Projects, you will be informed about all relevant projects to start in the near future, waiting for your active participation.

Please find below project which are already in the collection phase for a few more days:

  • HCM e-Recruiting 2016Collection for requesting improvement requests runs until Apr. 22, 2016 – don’t wait, participate!

In the pipeline, to start soon in the next weeks:

Customer Engagement Initiative (CEI)

Three times a year, SAP provides a dedicated List of Innovation Projects within the framework of the Customer Engagement Initiative. If you are interested in collaborate with SAP development teams regarding new products and so to influence SAP in future direction, this is then the right connection point for you.

The newest list of innovation projects from March 20, 2016 contains numerous new CEI projects where you may take an active role and directly engage with SAP teams to shape and enrich future SAP products/solutions with your own ideas. This project list also covers project offers from SAP Cloud, SAP Fiori as well as S4/HANA product areas! Don’t wait, innovate! In case of any question or need for help, please drop us a short mail to

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