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Part 3 – SAP partner solutions based on the chemical industry template

SAP, supported by many partners with deep chemical industry experience, builds the industry template ‘SAP Best Practices for Chemicals’.  Year over year the team improves existing scenarios with new functionality or adds new scenarios and business processes based on customer feedback and actual implementation projects. As outlined in  part 1 of this blog, the current template encompasses 95 so-called ‘businessscenarios’ (sets of business processes in a specific business area).

SAP’s partners take the industry template and bundle their specific services around the solution, such as project management, user training, in some cases hosting or financing options, and many more. The resulting packages are partner-branded solutions offered by partners for all regions.

There is one thing to keep in mind though: the SAP Best Practices templates are very beneficial to use as a basis for an ERP roll-out in terms of time and cost saving, guidance and risk mitigation. However, in order to use them properly, it is important to be familiar with the technology, the scope of the respective template, integration of SAP Solution Manager content, and many other aspects. So it is not only important to choose a SI partner who is familiar with the industry and industry-specific business processes, but it is equally important that the partner knows SAP Best Practices and the particular industry template. For this reason, SAP IBU Chemicals qualifies partner globally to provide guidance on partner selection to our customers. We have currently over 20 partners qualified globally, through an established partner qualification process.

Need more information? Want to see SAP for Chemicals partner showcases and references? Register here and get access to a documentation DVD loaded with presentations, offline demos, and background information.

Part 1 of this blog discussed the chemical industry template‘SAP Best Practices for Chemicals’

Part 2 of this blog discussed actual customer experience

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