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The Chemicals community in the Business Process Expert (BPX) community provides a range of resources for SAP community members. But what specifically can users learn from Chemicals@BPX, and how can they join the discussion themselves? And what are the trends that are impacting users in the chemicals industry, from MII to midmarket-related concerns?


In this SAP BPX Community podcast, Jon Reed asks Natalie Bernzen, Solution Manager for IBU Chemicals with SAP, about how the Chemicals@BPX community is engaging users in the chemicals industry, including a special focus on the midmarket, compliance, and emerging functionality such as SAP MII.


During the fifteen minute podcast, Natalie also shares what's next for Chemicals@BPX, including ongoing knowledge sharing for midmarket customers and increased involvement in SAP MII product development. We also learn how BPX community members can take advantage of the resources on Chemicals@BPX and start participating in blogs, wikis, and discussion forums.


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Podcast Highlights

0:43 Natalie's role at SAP and her objectives with Chemicals@BPX.

1:58 Introduction to Chemicals@BPX for those who have never visited and how they can get started building a chemicals community online and participating in knowledge transfer.

3:15 One of the main areas of focus of Chemicals@BPX is the midmarket. What are the issues that chemicals companies in the midmarket are facing, and how does Chemicals@BPX support midmarket companies across a range of functional topics?

6:02 Overview of the main areas of the Chemicals@BPX site that users are participating in, including wikis, blogs, and the chemical industry forum. Recent discussion topics include REACH and best practices for the midmarket.

7:45 One of the emerging areas of SAP that is impacting the chemicals industry is SAP MII, which offers visibility into production processes. Why is SAP MII relevant to SAP users now and why it is significant for chemicals companies?

9:40 Natalie discusses the resources around SAP MII area available in Chemicals@BPX, including roundtables for discussion of SAP MII product development and customer use cases. In the coming weeks, starting in November, there will be open discussion of SAP MII in Chemicals@BPX about the latest release cycle in blogs, wikis and on the forum, pulling Chemicals@BPX visitors into the product development loop.

12:05 Preview of upcoming Chemicals@BPX features: in the midmarket, a series of knowledge transfer sessions are planned, including deep dives into areas such as manufacturing, compliance, and implementation tools. All of these sessions will be recorded and posted. Other areas where new content will be posted include sustainability, energy management, and REACH. There is a new release of REACH coming out, and blogs on all these topics are coming out frequently at Chemical@BPX.

14:00 Getting started with Chemicals@BPX: There is a knowledge center on the home page this at ideal for new visitors who want to join the conversation.

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