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Time deposits: Interest is not calculated till termination date

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Hello Experts,

I have created an Time deposit contract with fixed amount of 5000 for 6 months. Calculation and settlement frequency is monthly and i.e on last day of the  month.

Now, after 2 month of settlement ( for example from 1st  Jan to 28th of Feb ), I terminated the account on 15th march. After termination order, I expected account should calculate interest from 28th Feb to 15th march and then close the account, but there is no settlement posting on account on termination date.

I am not sure but it could be due to the conditions set up in the account.

Could anyone help me to find out how can we calculate interest till termination date.




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At the time of cal of interest enter the cal period as 28 .02.XXXX to 15.03.XXXX then it will call the interest up to march 15th

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15th march is only an example it can be any date.

In real scenario there can be thousand contract and we cant go and change calculation date for every contract.

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Hi Robin,

Are you able to close the account without early withdrawal and can you please tell me in which status the time deposit agreement is?