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SOA Integration between FS-Account Management and Bank Analyzer under BS 8.0

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Hello all, we have set up the soamanager i.o. to integrate account manager and FS-business partner with the Bank Analyzer under Release 8.0 For the business partner this works fine. For master data of the current accounts we encounter the following problem:

We have configured the soamanager  on the consumer side installing the consumer: BankAccountContractProcessingCurrentAccountContractEventOut On this side we would like to use message type: CurrentAccountContractFSCreatedBulkInformation_V3.

However the consumer (account management) provides CurrentAccountContractFSCreatedBulkInformation_V2 only, which is the xml-formate for Release BS 7.0.

Can anybody tell me, how to configure AM (consumer side), such that it provides the correct xml-formate for Release 8.0. For more information please refer to the document:  IOA_technical_configuration_19. For further info on soamanager-config refer to the appendix.

Thanks, Sebastian Sachse


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hi Sebastian

please refer to Katja Bornschein ( as the owner ot the IOA-Scenarios. She will give you the information needed. As far as I know '_V3' is used only in FSAPPL500 (Release 9.0, GA in November 2014)

BR, Ernst

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Hi Ernst,thanks for your hint but on behalf of an OSS-Message, we got the AM-BA transmission of Account Master Data working. Appearently we didn't set the correct change pointer. It must be receiver-ID ACCV2 instead of ACCV1, but after this it works quite well.

Regards, Sebastian