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SAP Loan Management - Payment order is not getting created for disbursement

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Hi Team,

We are able to successfully execute disbursement order in SAP Loan management and order status has been changed to Activated.

Prenote is generated for that disbursement but Payment order is not getting created.

Could you please advice if some config/development generates PO for disbursement.



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if the Payment Order is missing, check the following

  • If the disbursement date is in the future (related to the posting date of the bank posting area), then you'll find a FORWARD order but no PAYMENT order. You can post the forward order then using the transaction BCA_PO_FO_MULTI
  • If the posting date is not in the future, the creation of the payment order might have failed. Check for Post Processing Orders that are created in that case (transaction BCA_PPO2). The PPO order will give you more details on the error.

Hope it helps


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Hi Oliver,

Thanks for your reply.

1) We tried to enter future date to check whether it creates Forward order but unfortunately that's also not happening.

2) I checked BCA_PP02 also but there is nothing captured in PPO also.

I doubt system is not even processing payment order. Is there any BADI or something we need to implement for creating PO.


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Hi Sanchit,

check also the posting control office for possible errors (PCO02). But don't forget to assign your user to all worklists first (PCO_WL_ASS_MAINTAIN).

You can also try to enter a payment order manually using transaction code BCA_PO_CREATE. SAP standard configuration uses transaction codes 020010 (debit loan) and 051000 (credit recipient account) for the disbursement. Maybe you need to enable the the transaction codes for online processing first. Then you have the chance to see error messages during online processing to get further information on possible errors.



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Hi Oliver,

Thanks again for your reply.

I tried to create a payment order manually by enabling the 'Online PO' for transaction type "020010 (debit loan) and the payment order got posted to the account successfully. So there is no issue in creation of payment order.

So issue is Payment order which we are expecting to be generated automatically once the disbursement order is activated that's not happening and because there is no PO generated, nothing is getting captured in PCO or PPO also.

Steps performed :-

1) Created a Loan account - done successfully
- c

2) Created a disbursement order - Activated successfully

3) Check Prenote - Prenote created for the amount of disbursement order - done

4) No Payment order generated - Is there any config or BADI which should generate these payment orders automatically.


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This is very strange indeed.

If PO is succesfully posted online, there is, probably, a customizing issue.

I would suggest to do this:

1. Check in the disbursement order:

    1. Payment advice type.  Some PAT are meant for internal disbursement and other for external disbursement.  Check wich one is used in your case.
    2. Verify account details of recipient account, there might be a wrong number

2. In any case, a PPO order has to be raised:

          1.  Check user assignement to worklist:  transaction /SAPPO/WL_CHANGE to update your                user to Work List

          2.  Execiute transaction /SAPPO/PP3 to display PPO order. 

Best regards

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Hi Homero,

The SAP help portal suggests that if the processing mode of payment advice is set as "synchronous" under customizing node : Account Mgt-->Product mgt-->Payment Advice-->Define processing mode of payment advice, an internal payment order will be created to transfer the disbursement amount from the loan to the target account.

But the above node seems to be missing! Any pointers would be of great help.


Mansi Sanghvi