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SAP for banking loans management

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We want to implement loans management as part of the SAP for banking solution. My idea was to reflect the business partner as customers (since we are in scenario where we a granting loans to private persons). In case of mismatch between the mensuality (e.g. 100 Euro of which 98 Euro capital and 2 interest). One can see this only on the open items of the customer. Is there a way to incorporate this information also into the loans management module?

If this not possible in this scenario can you advise me in which scenario this would be possible (E.g. using interim account in order to represent the business partners => ???

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Hi Wouter,

From the standard system, no. You could rely on using the bills vs payments made, as the open items are created from Bills, but this would not cover a wide array of scenarios which is only possible in OI system.

A custom replication of open items into Banking box?