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Purpose of Application subfunction 010 disbursement(New)

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We have CML implemented. Now we want to use function module to do the disbursement for mortgage loan. We are able to use FVD_DISB_API_CREATE_AND_POST to create it but we have to do additional config in "Assign FLow Types to Cond. Groups per Application". The config is

Appl.func. = 010

Ftyp = A001

Name = A_CAP Final Disbursement

Pmnt tr.ID = 1

When we do disbursement using FNVD, we don't need this config. This is only for FM.

What is the purpose for Appl.func. 010 - Disbursement(New)? What is the impact if we have this config in?

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the "new" disbursement was originally designed for another product type.

It is a business operation like payoff and therefor needs an application. That configuration will only be used in the context of the disbursement API.

The officil lway of disbursing a "regular" loan is still FNVD.

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