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Error : (F5 263) The difference is too large for clearing in EBS in t code FF_5

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i was running  FF_5 for BAI format file, File got uploaded successfully but  i got the the below error.

Error: (F5 263) The difference is too large for clearing

The next detail screen i found that the Bank account posting gone correct but issues in subledger posting

When I checked in FEBAN, the posting area 1 is updated but posting area 2 is not updated becuase of this error message.

So after FF_5, we run FEBP to update posting area 2.

In selection screen of FEBP, we gave reference document number range (XBLNR) to be searched for open items to be cleared.

XBLNR range given :   0500000000 to 0599999999

But stil we got error ' The difference is too large for clearing'.

Could anyone please help in this case, if FEBP can be used to clear the open items automatically.

Also, the interpretation algorithm used in global config is '001- standard algorithm'.

Please suggest if automatic clearing of subledger can be achieved in some other way after we run FF_5.

Thanks in advance.



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This error message comes when the system tries to clear the open items automatically i.e. amount specified in the upload file is different with respect to the amount entered in the accounting system.

Kindly check the amounts in the file as well as in the accounting system.

Warm regards,

Akhil Poddar

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what kind of items shall be cleared ?

(what is their source: CML items, standard FI items, items from other applications?)

Kind regards,


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Hello Karan,

The Problem here is with the Test File(BAI File being Uploaded). As the BAI file contains single entries unlike BAI2, i think the system is trying to clear open items manually. Try creating the same Amount in SAP as you have mentioned in the Test file and Re-processing the File.

Don't forget to delete the Buffer in RFEBKA96. Re-Try if Possible. Thanks !


Basudev Parida

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Hi Karan,

I think you are getting the error F5 263 since there might be multiple items with the same reference.When you process the FF-5 please take an extract of the messages for the different individual items for your study.

The error  'The difference is too large for clearing' might be an intermediate message but subsequently the item would get posted.

In FEBA - if you are getting the item status as 'To be Posted' for such items, then please check if Note 748318 can be applied. This will resolve your issue, if my above assumption is correct.

Please revert back with your inputs if issue is still unresolved.

Kind regards,


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what is interpretation algorithm assigned for external code ?

choose one that uses XBLNR as parameter

001 or even better 121

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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if the items are customer invoices, you can use the intepretation algorithm 031, which should be assigned to the external transaction type


Sanil Bhandari

Sanil Bhandari

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Hi Karan,

Try changing settings in OBY6.

In Processing Parameters, tick the check box "No forex rate diff. when clearing LC"



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I had a similar issue with a test file. The BAI code was incorrect... re-check your BAI code as a wrong code for a different CREDIT entry could also cause this error to arise.

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Hi karan,

Try to post some entries in bank clearing accounts (Sub-accounts) as well as main bank accounts. Delete buffers using program RFEBKA96 and re-run FF_5. Once you post documents,you can also go to FEBA and try manual execution.

This error occurs if system do not get open items for clearing OR available amount in clearing accounts is not enough.

Thanks and Regards,


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The error message F5 263 (Difference too large for clearing) appear

because no appropriate open items could be found.

I have listed below common causes for F5263.You may want to keep

them handy in case the problem comes up at a later date.

Common causes for F5263:

1) Range   from [    ] to  [     ] in the BELNR - may not be complete

2) Date of statement earlier than check date (must be later!)

3) Balances: check that the opening balance plus the debits

      minus the credits MUST equal the closing balance.

4) The coding is such that there must be an EXACT match

    of check number between  the data on the bank statement file

    and the entry in the check register. (leading zeroes, etc.)

It could be that coding was tightened up to prevent WRBTR search

The IMG path is the following:

Financial Accounting -> General Ledger Accounting ->

Business Transactions -> Open Item Clearing -> Clearing Differences

-> Define Tolerance Groups for G/L Accounts.

This tolerance group must be entered in the master data of the G/L


Be aware that the difference amount will NOT be posted on

account but posted to a customized difference account.

Please, check if permited payment differences are allowed in

transaction OBA4 and OBA3.

Kind Regards,

Fernando Evangelista

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Adding to that, you can refer to OSS note 1676001 - F5 263 - The difference is too large for clearing on the details but also have a look at  OSS note 1388198 and 875861 to see if these have already been applied to your system or not for the algorithm 001.

Hope that this help