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Electronic bank statement

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I am new to sap EBS so please need someone's help with search string usage

i have same BAI code hitting same bank and clearing gl accounts and I need to create search strings because for each one of them I need to populate different business area for each one of them. If there are 10 different business areas, then do I need to create 10 different search strings? so that even though it will be hitting the same gl account but everything it could populate different business area.


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I have a similar question, does anyone have an answer?

Is it possible to have more than one search string.



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purpose of a search string functionality is to process bank statement for additional non format standard fields.

for example if you have on bank statement - line item  in textual field something like BA3902

search string ( |^ )BA####( |$ )  ####    makes mapping when finds string that starts with BA and 4 number characters  take only numbers 3902  and than you are able to transfer them to the target field business area.

this is simple variant when you have exact BA code appearing in note to payee fields on bank statement.

in this case you can make one search string for all business areas.

in case that you have mapping values on bank statement e.g. ba20  is representation for SAP business area 3902

search string need to be defined like this

( |^ )ba20( |$ )  3902

in this case you need to make one search string for each business area