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CRM AO and BaS integration

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The scenario :

  1. Creating a loan (any type) in CRM AO and replicating to BaS
  2. At the time of creating a  loan in CRM AO ,  The cash flow may generated more than one time based on situation.

Question :

  1. Is any dummy entry (de activated loan) get create in BaS at the time of calling cash flow?

        If yes, Then how the mapping happens with the contract at the time of contract creation?   ( In the last, How the system select the correct dummy account which customer selected).

        If no, How the integration works.

  1. How the trigger table entries get created?
  2. How the internal ID get generated between CRM and Bas.




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Hi Eswar,

There is a complete SAP Note on Integration of SAP CRM with BAS. Are you following that? that details end to end requirements of mapping SAP CRM AO with BAS. I can give you the note number later today as I do not have required access at present.



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Hi Ravi,

Thanks! please share the note number.

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Hi Eswaralingam,

Please try NOTE 1338647. This is a consulting Note based on CRM  and BS 7.0