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Resolved! Installation of SAP Banking

Hi All,I need some info about installation of SAP Banking 6.0 . Is it a part of ECC 6.0 . Am i supposed to purchase additional licenses. My client is an NBFC. Loan Management is required. Please advice. We are offering SAP ECC 6.0 with PS, FI and MM ...


hi all.i'm trying to define a product type PPP and one other IPP.i want to know if some one can clarify me if in the IPP scenario, with an early payment, the cash flow of a contract has to change or not.anybody could give me same documentation about ...

Resolved! Disbursement & repayment table

Hi All,I'm having a problem with my loan management module process,In cash flow, my repayment doesn't appear even for status a planned record (P), even after post FNM1 it still doesn't appear.All repayment appear but the first repayment is doesn't ap...

Resolved! Skip and payment plan change fee

Hello,i have a problem concerning the charge related to the skip.When i active a skip order the system charge my fee (correctly calculated) on the system posting date, but i want to have them charged on the date of the payment plan change.Related to ...

Posting to Loans taking very long

Hi, We have a custom program to handle property tax payments on the customer's behalf. It posts the following documents. 1. Creates vdbepp, addbepp and then calls LOAN_POST to post a property tax payable flow on a loan. This step is carried out in a ...

Resolved! Refill of revolving account.

Hello all,i'm trying to create a revolving account where a customer has, for example, 30000€. He can spend all his money, and when the account go to 0€, automatically it has to be refilled with 30000€.Is there any standard program or transaction that...

Calculation basis for interest rate

Hello all,i'm working on sap banking, and have to create a loan contract with different interest rate.For example, if my commitment capital is 10000€ and i want to put a financed service (like an insurance) of 2000€, i want to calculate a 5% interest...

Initialization of Bank Alanyzer

HiI amon conversion of the legacy data. Yhe data will flow from the banking services into Bank Analzer adn tehn finally into FI GL in ECC.In this context I have a question.What is INITIALIZATION OF BANK ANALYZER? Need more details.Require tips and t...

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