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Bank Analyzer Business Content Error "No BC Set found in the file"

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Dear all,

I am trying to install Bank Analyzer business content 9.0 (SP01, SP02 and SP03) on a brand new SAP NW 7.5 Installation. The situation is the following;

  1. All components of Banking services have been installed correctly
  2. BW tool and BA reference client have been created
  3. Technical Content of BW and BI Content relevant to Bank Analyzer have been installed successfully.
  4. During the initial configuration of BA Client there is an error regarding the registration and generation of /BA5/* infoobjects which are missing but I don't think is relevant to my issue
  5. I have successfully completed ASU list BC_INST_500_SETUP for setting up the BA client for Business Content.
  6. While running the ASU list BC_INST_500_GLB_SP1 for the actual installation of BA Business Content a problem occurs during the upload of BC sets. When I try to upload whatever bc set (local, standard, hierarchy), system responds "No BC Set found in the file".
    1. I have checked that the extension of the file is .bcs,
    2. I have not changed it at all, it is exactly as downloaded from SAP marketplace
    3. I have checked that the first line contains the string "VERSION"    "1"
    4. My user has SAP_ALL and SAP_NEW profiles assigned

Please see the attached comprehensive screenshots.

I wonder if I am missing the initial business content, something like BC_INST_500_GLB_SP0. I have not found anything in the corresponding note 2232655.

Every help is appreciated.




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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Dimitris,

Please check the following notes:

2338882 - New changes provided to handle the UNICODE CODEPAGE

2274300 - Changes for unicode compatible BC-SET upload and download

I believe it will may help you.



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Thanks Brenda,

it is note 0002338882 that suits our SAP_BASIS component (750 SP 04).