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In this second “Analytics for Risk and Compliance” session, you will learn about SAP's comprehensive solution for intraday liquidity management - the Liquidity Management Suite (LMS). Subsequent sessions will address other key subtopics in the risk and compliance solution domain (see topic list at the bottom).

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Analytics for Risk and Compliance I: Intraday Liquidity Management

Event Details

Title: Analytics for Risk and Compliance I: Intraday Liquidity Management (LMS)

Speaker: Hervé  Lefevre, Global Solution Manager for Liquidity Management Suite

Target Audience: Webinar tailored for executives and customer-facing sales and pre-sales teams.


Banks are under increasing pressure to provide better transparency to regulators and investors alike. Having to demonstrate an understanding of their current state at all times, while every trade and counterparty payment are constantly changing the bank’s position. In this context, managing liquidity manually is no longer an option; decisions need to be made based on real-time data, not estimates from end of day.

As additional competitive pressures drive the need to optimise bank’s working capital, improving intraday liquidity management processes will result in critical quantitative business benefits. Thus, improving the operational management of liquidity will be a high priority for banks in the next 5 years.

In this webinar you will learn how SAP's Liquidity Management Suite (LMS), has been deployed in many institutions to:

      • Proactively monitor liquidity in real time to identify and mitigate risk, while adapting to changing conditions
      • Optimize the use of capital and reduce funding operating costs
      • Meet increasingly demanding liquidity regulations reporting requirements

Topics covered in upcoming webinars part of this series:

1.     Analytics for Risk and Compliance: Overview (this session)

1.1.   Analytics for Risk and Compliance I: Intraday Liquidity Management (LMS)

1.2.   Analytics for Risk and Compliance II: Liquidity Risk Management (LRM @HANA, LRM/LMS Integration)

1.3.   Analytics for Risk and Compliance III: Basel III / Credit Risk

1.4.   Analytics for Risk and Compliance IV: Fraud Management and Compliance

1.5.   Analytics for Risk and Compliance V: Enterprise Risk Reporting (EER 2.0)

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