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        In Sap Accounts Payable Module contains Vendor Payments/Supplier Payments, which is done in SAP R/3 Environment, Most of clients wants to know to integrate Customer R/3 System to Bank System to Avoid Manual work and Paper less Payments using Automated way.

  • How to Integrate  Customer R/3 System and Bank System, I will explain my upcoming Blog.
  • Here I am going to explain, How Payments Reconciliation can be done using Bank Swift file and it can be MT940/Multicash/BAI. etc.,

If you want to do Payments Reconciliation than you need to consider 2 things in Mind as follows

1.Customer End:

  • you suppose get Detailed Scenario List from customer and What kind of Finance Entry need to posted in SAP.
  • Need to Prepare Detailed Checklist for configuring those Scenario's in  OT83 Transaction like follows,

  Details required  from Customer End
1. House Bank  :
2. Bank Key :
3. Company Codes :
4. Outgoing GL :
5. Incoming GL :
6. Main GL :
7. Document type for Vendor Payments Clearing :
8. Document type for Collections Payments Clearing :
9. Document type for Employee Payments Clearing :
10. Document type for Tax Payments Clearing :
11. Account Numbers and respective Company Code :
12. Currency :
13. Business Area's & Respective Account Number's:
14. IF GL Code different for Employee Payment & Tax Payments
  & Collective Payments then kindly provide those Bank GL Information:
15. Chart Of Accounts

2. Bank End:

  Details required from Bank End
1.BAI /External Transaction Code Required for All Payments
  Scenario's ( Vendor/Employee/Collections/Tax Payments)
2. MT940 File Required for all Scenario's  like ( Vendor/Employee/Collections/Tax

  • Once you got all details than how to configure OT83 Transaction Detailed Explained in attached document for your reference.
  • Once configuration Details done, Try to upload MT940/Multicah/BAI File from FF_5 Transaction , so that you can able to see Reconciliation entry of Payments.
  • Once upload is done, uploaded files can be viewed in FEBAN Transaction.
  • If any Scenario you want to Re-test than delete existing statement number using program: RFEBKA96 than reload same Swift file into FF_5 Transaction.


      some time you might have configured only few External BAI code in OT83 Transaction but while upload swift file might contains many External BAI Transactions which is not configured in OT83 then you will get dump or exceptions.

So avoid these kind of exceptions, try to configure Dummy External code and posting rule as follows, so that you won't face any error.

  1. Overview Reconciliation

  1. Create Account Symbol

2.  Assign Accounts to Account Symbol

3.  Create keys for Posting Rules

7. Assign Bank Accounts to Transaction types

Transaction: FF_5