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Hi All,

Hope this document helps all the Technical and Functional consultants who are frequently using google search for finding most commonly used tables, BADIs and BAPIs in SAP Banking Services. This document would explain in demystifying SAP Banking Services and lot more on the integration with other SAP systems like FICAX(Financial Services Cost Accounting and CRM).

Master Data Tables

TABLE NAMEDescription
BCA_CNSP_ACCTAccount Contract Specialization : Used for finding Accounts in SAP system with External Account number
BCA_CONTRACTContract Anchor : Used for finding the CONTRACT_INT which is with Active status and filter with PRODUCTs
BCA_CN_LINKContract Parts to a Contract: Used for find all the links between the Account with Collateral Objects using the OBJECT_TYP
BCA_ACCTBALAccount Balance table to find the Balances in any Account
BCA_OR_NOWOrder for notice on Amount (Used for finding all the Order Management related Orders for example, Standing Orders etc)
FSPR_PRODUCT_YAll the External Products mapped to Internal Product Codes (Product Master)
BCA_PXAC_EXT_ACCExternal Links to Accounts
BCA_BL_ITEMAll the Billing Items
/FSPD/ITEMAll the Payment Distribution Items
/FSPD/RESULTSResults of Payment Distribution Items
/SAPPO/ORDER_HDRAll the Post processing Orders Header table
BCA_AR_CARDSCards (Debit / Credit / Any kind of Cards)
BCA_BL_SCHEDBilling Items Scheduled for the Billing Run
BCA_BPAREBank Posting Area, Posting Date
BCA_CN_ADDAPP*All the Custom enhancement Contract Element
BCA92Account Settlement and Charges
BCA92_RESTARTRestart information on Settlement
BCA_SETTLE_REQBank Settlement Request
BCA_SETTLE_TYPESettlement Types in a configurable way
BCA_OR_TOCOrders for Account Closure / Account Closure Orders
BCA_OR_INSOrders for Insurance Link
BCA_DEH_DOC_ACCPPLM Locks - Account posting Locks to hold the account for any kind of transactions
BCA_CN_DORMANCYDormancy Status - Contract Element Activity Status

and many more, I tried to put all the most commonly used tables, but there are lot where you can search with BCA* in SE16 for Banking related and *FSPD* for Payment Related tables.

Most Commonly used Classic BADIs

BADI NamePurpose
BANK_PP_RUN_HISTORYBADI for Mass Man monitoring to monitor the Parallel Processing Framework concepts
BCA_CN_ADDPROCMANCustomer Interface for Contract Framework - Sub processes / Child processors
BCA_DEH_OBJ_LOCKBADI for Transmission of Customer specific messages for example Notification SMS
BCA_PLM_CREATE1_BAPIBADI for handling customer specific References in the process of creating PLM locks
BCA_PLM_GD_BAPI1BADI for get BAPI Enhancement during the process of getting the PLM detail

There are lot more, but to be very specific these days there are no more old school way of doing the BADIs. So I prefer the New BADI instead of Classic BADIs to enhance.

Most Commonly used New BADIs

BADI NamePurpose
ES_BCA_CN_IM_SINBADI for Reading the Bank Account Balance Report
BCA_SETTL_CALCBADI after applying the Amount Limits
BCA_SETTL_APPLICATIONBADI for Cash flow display checks
BCA_PO_CHECK_PAYORDEAccount Management - PO Checks for Payment Orders
BCA_OR_RESC_EVENTSBADI for Events for Rescission
BCA_OR_PPC_CHECKSBADI for check on payment plan changes
BCA_OR_PAYF_CHECKSBADI while created Payoff (early payoffs) - Checks can be placed using this BADI
BCA_ES_OR_DISBChecks for Disbursement
BCA_ES_CORP_PPAction at the end of mass processing of Correspondence creation
BCA_ES_CN_PRI_ATTR_DEPDefine checks for Contract elements that affect Products for Standard Price
BCA_ES_BAST_PPFlow control BADI for the Bank Statement Run
BCA_CN_DORM_TRIGGERDormancy interface for triggering Actions on Contracts
BCA_ACBALBadi for defining the Sequence of Posting Types

And lot more, you can search in the table ENHHEADER and ENHOBJ for more enhancement spots available.

Most Commonly used BAPIs

BAPI Function Module NamePurpose of the BAPI
BCA_ACCOUNT_CHANGETo change any Account Master details on SAP BS, you need to instance an object to do so, you can achieve with this FM
BCA_ACTIVITY_STATUS_CHANGEYou can edit the Activity status on Account Master which is BCDM Element
BAPI_BCA_ACCOUNT_CHECKAny updates to Account Master, before you COMMIT, you must call this FM to check the consistency
BAPI_BCA_ACCOUNTAM_SAVE_ALLThis is the Function which Saves all the data that is change in a specific instance to Account Master, but it doesn't committed yet to DB, so you need to call BAPI_TRANSACTION_COMMIT after this FM.
BAPI_API_CN_BP_FOR_BAPI_GENERALThis FM is used to Supply the Contract Details to the BAPI which you want to use in the specific instance
BAPI_BCA_DEH_DOC_CREATE1Create the PLM Document using this FM for placing LOCKs on the Account
BAPI_BCA_TOC_CREATE_ACTIVATECreate and Active the Account Closure using this FM
BAPI_BCA_PAYREF_GETDETAIL_ARead the Payment details and the Contract Element is BCPR
BAPI_BCA_CN_AGREEMENT_GETDETRead Agreement details of an Account and the Contract Element is BCDL
BAPI_BCA_CN_ADDAPP_CHANGECustomer Enhanced elements - Updates for contract element BCAA
BAPI_BCA_PURPOSE_ADD_OR_CHEdit the Contract purposes and the contract element is BCPU
BAPI_BCA_TOC_CHANGE_CANCELEdit or reverse Account Closure
BAPI_BCA_PRENOTE_CREATECreate the bank prenotes using this FM
BAPI_BCA_PAYMITEM_CANCELReverse Individual Payment Item
BAPI_BCA_CONTRACTDATA_GD_ARead Contract Anchor - Contract element BACN
BAPI_BCA_POSTCTRL_CHANGEEdit Payment Item Control - Contract element BCPC
BAPI_BCA_PAYMITEM_GET_POSTDATERead current posting date for account or bank posting area
BCA_API_BAPI_EV_ACBAL_CR_CHCreate or Change Settlement Dates
BAPI_BCA_INFOITEM_GET_LISTThis is for reading info items related to open logs and payment items

There is a huge list, however I tried to explain the important BAPIs and I made this document editable by anyone to add if they found something interesting and useful in SAP Banking Services. Please post your comments, ratings, questions and reviews.

Thank you very much,