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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hi All,

I am creating this document to resolve some questions about the report RBCA_CN_BKK92_INSERT_PP and settlements in general; I saw some confusion surrounds the features of this report, especially when the users must move settlements from legacy systems to SAP.

The focus is on the fields BCA_CN_ACBAL-INT_CALC_START and BCA_CN_EVENT-EVENT (0013) and the creation of a starting point during the migration of legacy contracts do SAP.

Selected contracts from the legacy system have had settlements execute whereas others have not. A number of questions come to mind based on test results and observations.

Question: If the customer leaves the field BCA_CN_ACBAL-INT_CALC_START blank, can the creation of event 0013 be excluded?

Answer: You should set the BCA_CN_ACBAL-INT_CALC_START as blank if the account has no settlement in the legacy system, but you should set the event 0013 for all accounts.

Question: In the context above, could both INT_CALC_START and Event 0013 be explained as to their use?

Answer:  The Report RBCA_CN_BKK92_PP uses the Event 0013 to select the relevant accounts. If there is no Event 0013 the account will no processed by the report.

The Report RBCA_CN_BKK92_INSERT_PP use the BCA_CN_ACBAL-INT_CALC_START to create the settlement start point (dummy-settlement) in the system.

Question: Why was the settlement created?
Is the settlement considered from a business point of view correct?

Is the settlement that was created by program RBCA_CN_BKK92_INSERT_PP a type of "dummy-settlement" that represents the mandatory settlement in the legacy system. The settlement period obviously in SAP DM does not match that of the legacy system?

Answer: The one day settlement (one entry in the table BCA92) is a "dummy settlement". The DM system will use it as the starting point of the next settlement. It is only starting point, so we don't need all period of the legacy system.

Question: What is the expectation of program RBCA_CN_BKK92_INSERT_PP handling contracts that were not settled in the legacy system i.e. BCA_CN_ACBAL-INT_CALC_START is empty?

Answer: If the account has no settlement in the legacy system, you should let the field INT_CALC_START empty. The report RBCA_CN_BKK92_INSERT_PP will not create the "dummy-settlement" for such accounts.

Eg. Account Created on 01.03.2016 where posting date was already 10.03.2016.

Now, when posting a new payment for the first time the Period End will be on 10.03.2016.

Useful notes about this subject:

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Hope this will help.

Please, don't hesitate to comment this post if you have any further questions.