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Today’s banks are facing challenges like never before. As a result, executives need a partner that knows how to address the challenges presented by everything from nontraditional banks to soaring customer expectations to mounting risk and compliance regulations to Basel III to Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review (CCAR) stress testing.

Now add the fact that your board is still expecting solid growth while you meet the unyielding margin and performance expectations of shareholders.

It’s time to get serious. Luckily, for two days later this month, SAP, along with banking operations, sales, and marketing experts will gather with executives to discuss technology trends and strategies deployed by industry peers at the SAP Financial Services Forum New York City from October 21-22, 2014.

Session highlights for banking executives will include:

  • - Addressing Customer Retention and Combating the Non-Traditional Bank
  • - Improving Financial Performance by Reducing Complexity
  • - Preparing for the Next Wave of Regulation
  • - Building a 360-Degree View of your Bank

These dedicated banking tracks will include sessions specifically designed to provide the insight you need to address the greatest challenges senior banking executive face and provide a vision of the industry’s future.

Banks will only move forward if they can increase growth and revenue, lower operating costs, maintain regulatory compliance, and delight their customers by thinking and acting outside their current IT and operations protocols towards modernization.

A strategy involving cloud technology for banking is a huge consideration. Is a move to the cloud the right move for your organization? You’ll find out how your company can improve performance and increase margins by embracing cloud solutions specifically designed for today’s banks.

The forum will enable executives to collaborate with the world’s leading banking minds and develop game-changing transformations and innovations.  You will see your colleagues and a multitude of industry experts discussing a wide array of topics.

For example, one of the breakout sessions at this year’s forum will feature three financial services industry veterans who are already in the process of transforming their organizations to meet the mobile banking challenges of tomorrow.

Other finance and integrated risk discussions will center on solvency and liquidity and the regulatory agenda, as well as on disruptive technology trends and opportunities for you to simplify with a focus on the customer experience as the lever of digital transformation.

SAP has a long history of partnering with banks, insurance companies, and capital markets organizations to improve operating efficiencies and prepare for changes in their industry and customer demands.

Come see how breakthrough technologies are leading the way to better management of finance and risks, improved customer service, and simplification this October in NYC.

Date: October 21-22, 2014

Location: Ritz Carlton Battery Park

2 West Street
New York, NY 10004