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In this article I am trying to demonstrate the bank related changes and the impact SAP S/4 HANA 2020.

The S/4HANA new release came up with simplified solution to minimizing the bank GL accounts and introducing additional configurations for the payments.


Until SAP S/4 HANA 1909 Vs SAP S/4 HANA 2020:

SAP S/4 HANA 1909:

We used to create a new set of G/L accounts for newly created house bank accounts and used to have a different main bank account for each bank account and similarly different set of Bank Clearing Accounts.

SAP S/4 HANA 2020:

In SAP S/4 HANA 2020, there are 2 ways of creating the required sets of G/L Accounts. You can follow either the new method or the old one.

New Method- One Set of G/L Accounts for multiple house bank accounts:

As per the new method, we can create a bank reconciliation account (Main Bank Account) that can be assigned to multiple house bank accounts.

Mentioning the Bank G/L related changes below:

  • SAP has introduced a new “GL Account Type” called C- Cash Account, so now, from S/4 HANA 2020 onwards, our GL account type will be 5 instead of 4 (C- Cash Account, N- Non-Operating expenses and Income, P- Primary cost and revenue, S- Secondary Cost, X- Balance Sheet Account)

  • A new field was introduced from S/4 HANA 2020 in GL Master Data, the field name is GLCCOUNT_SUBTYPE (GL Account Sub Type).G/L Account Sub Account type:

    1. B- Bank Reconciliation Account

    2. P- Petty Cash

    3. S- Bank Sub Account

House Bank Setup in S/4 HANA 2020 by using new method:

  • Step 1: House Bank Creation Through the T.Code: FI12_HBANK:

  • Step 2: Main Bank GL Account/ Bank Reconciliation Account Creation Through FS00:

  • Step 3: Bank Account Creation Through /N/UI2/FLP – Manage Bank Account

Use “Manage Bank Accounts” tile to create the Bank Account in SAP S/4 HANA 2020

Other screens wise Screenshots:

Header Data:

General Data:

House Bank Account Connectivity:

Click on Create

House Bank Account Data:

Now Click on Apply and Save as Inactive

Now Click on Activate:

Impact on Automatic Payment Program:

Initial Error message which you will get after bank implementation during the payment.

Solution and changes in S/4 HANA 2020:

Changes in Bank Determination- (FBZP):

Please follow the SAP note - 3067799 - Unable to enter the Bank Subaccount in the Bank Determination - Bank Accounts configuration for better understanding.

Create Accounting Symbols:

Note: SIP Relevant/ Self-Initiated Payment Relevant Check box need to be activated.

GL Assignment to Account Symbol:

Payment Method assigned to Account Symbol:

Account Receivable and Payable – Business Transaction – Outgoing Payment- Automatic Payment Program - Payment Method/Bank Selection for payment program – Assign Account Symbol to Payment method.

Test Result after implementing the above points:

FIORI Library Links for some Bank Related Tiles:

Call to action:

  • Please ensure whether the Tiles “Manage Bank Account” is activated in your FIORI or not.

  • Ensure all the above Bank related configuration to avoid the “G/L Account does not exist” error at the time of APP run.

  • Please check OSS – 3067799.

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