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SAP Financial Services Network (FSN): Innovation for Bank-to-Corporate Connectivity

Event Details

Speaker: Bala Ram, Vice President SAP Financial Services Network

Target Audience: Interactive webinar tailored for executives and customer-facing sales and pre-sales teams

Duration: 30 min


    Today, bank to corporate transactions are either manual or require expensive custom development. For corporates, this is expensive and results in a lack of up-to-the-minute visibility of their cash position and liquidity. For banks, on-boarding corporates is a long and costly process that constrains their ability to scale, limiting the number of customers they can serve and thus their revenue potential.

    Developed to address these challenges, the SAP hosted FSN, is transforming how banking services can be delivered to over 186,000 SAP corporates. Learn how this novel and highly-acclaimed network based solution contributes to the success of financial institutions and their corporate clients:

    • Simplifying and automating multi-bank/corporate processes and breaking down connectivity barriers without new hardware or software footprint
    • Bringing services to corporate clients dramatically faster, while offering new game-changing value-added options
    • Enabling subscription based applications and advanced analytics services for financial control, risk management and counterparty risk mitigation), supply chain financing, and much more.

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