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What is the best way to confirm Automotive Industry Type is installed?

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Or any other Industry type on a ECC6 EHP5 system that was originally installed as 4.6c and upgraded a couple times.  We have a good handle on the enhancements but need to verify any Industry types.

Thank you in advance for what I suspect is simple question for the right person


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The IMG activity 'Activate Business Functions' (transaction SFW5) can be used to see which individual standard application and/or industry application is activated. For Automotive the Business Function Set 'DIMP Discrete Industries / Mill Products ' deliver industry-specific functions.

Also the installed software component gives an hint what is used.

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Maria Mießen

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If no access to SFW5, then some high level information can be gathered via System > Status and then click on the Component button in the SAP System data section of the popup.

Look for Component ECC-DIMP and can see the Release, SP-Level and Support Package.     .

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The installation of the software component ECC-DIMP is one hint. If you don't have access to the customizing like transaction SFW5, you can have a closer look at the area menu Logistic > Logistic Execution. If you find items like Vehicle Management System, JIT Inbound or JIT Outbound, the business function DIMP_SDUD which include industry-specific functions for complex demands in automotive industry is active.

The industry-specifc applications provided for Automotive in software component ECC-DIMP are listed in the SAP help: