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What does the Automotive SCN Community believe the most critical factors in SAP supported Inventory Control/Count to be?

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Dear Automotive SCN Community,

the data within SAP should mirror the processes and status of the production environment as closely as possible.

I would like to hear any and all comments pertaining to attainable goals in "Inventory Management", and how you or your organization strives to meet or

has met those goals.

Any input in this open discussion that adds to the content, or leads to additional discussions is appreciated.

Thank you.

I look forward to your posts.

Best regards,



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Inventory practice and process followed by your management...My experience..SAP gives you all combination and permutations in which you can mange inventory in system..the question is how serious your management is about inventory and do you know where to start and stop and all the steps in inventory management...most of time management is very scared (no substantial reason)..hence change management very simple way and small steps can be very good to start with on it further steps..only your IT SAP for e.g. needs to able to make them walk with you and they will run once they see that manual and other steps are not worth when system cuts it to few hours....

Options like RFID, Barcodes have to be tried and used before you can speak against it..if you want to go to next stage option to this technologies..and once this process is set is very easy to use and tremendously reduce the inventory management MRP running cannot go further without BI..projection and setting your own formula based on standard formula like POISON table is very much required.