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VMS for OEM : Production Order

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Hi All,

VMS has all the features required for Automobile Importers. In the 'Make to Stock - Scenario ' , we can create vehicle , purhcase order and get vehicle from the Vendor . But implementing VMS for OEM is not that simple.

Could any VMS expert advise the best solution for the given below scenario.

Client : An Automobile manufacturer

Scenario: "Make to stock" : Manufactured in the Production Centre of the same company ( kindly note vehicle it is not purchased from vendor ).

I need to create Production order to manufacture a vehicle .

The solution I found here is

a) Create Vehicle

2) Create Purchase Order

3) Create a resevation Sales Order

4) Run MRP , get planned Order

5) Planned Order converted to Production Order.

Please advise anyone has better approach.

Thanks and Regards

Tom Cruiser


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Hi Ute,

Could you please reply to this question.



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it's easy to implement a new ordering system based on SAP VMS . I've seen some customers who did that .... and all had different approaches. Some were complex, some were suprisingly easy.

It depends .... it really depends on the complete scenario at the customer. Is the customer going to run the production process in the same SAP box? Or is production going to be in searate systems and the VMS is used to "just" handle all vehicles as a central instance?

Your described process is one way, esp. if all is in one box.

An other way is to send vehicle details to the (e.g. model-based selected) production system, and manage the purchase (doc flow) when the vehicle is finished and being moved out of production stock.

Other experiences?

Tell us!