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VMS Cross company sale

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Hi, Plant 1 belongs to company code1 is exporting vehicles- to plant 2 in company code2- We are not using Stock entry - only we using to track and creating sales order and Invoice. How to Configure and track same vehicle once it exports from plant 1 to plant 2 We planning to use different action matrics to different country. IS Action REPL will work if i maintain in both action matrix Thanks and Regards Chidambaram


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From your requirement I can best understand that you are selling from one company to another.

Then, simply put it would be a sale from A to B, somwhat like the following:

A procures from Principal (OEM)

A sells to B <--> B procures from A

B while procuring from A would again incorporate the same VIN but this time around, it would be against a different Internal vehicle number.

B sells further on to the end customer.

As a VMS administrator for A & B, you would find two internal vehicle numbers, for the same VIN.

The concerned access can be accordingly administered between the usrs of the two companies.

Hope that answers your query.



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Hi Chidambaram,

please have as well a look at note [941633|]