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VIN Number and Serial Numbers

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Hi all,

Just wanting to confirm my solution in that I am receiving a file to create Orders ( IDOC MESSAGE TYPE ORDERS05)

I want to hold the the vehicle identification number VIN and serial number.  Also is it best to get these 2 fields populated via IDOC or should I get entered them in the sales order? If the answer is in sales order than which are the best Fields to use in VBAK.

Or can I have these fields populated in ORDERS05?  I wasn't able to locate the fields in ORDERS05

Please remember I need these 2 fields passed through to the Purchase order and Invoice. Both VIN NUMBER and serial number.



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Hi Kevin,

Let us know if you are using VMS with DBM functionalities or using VMS with SD, so that we can suggest you proper solution.


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Hi Kevin Koser ,

you can also use IDOC type VEHCLE01, it can hold VIN as well as have many fields available which can hold serial number.

check and revert back.



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Hi Kevin,

you want to pass VIN and serial no. to purchase order and invoice.

If you use DBM link to vehicle in po is realized by batch with populating internal vehicle no.

in field EKPO-CHARG.

In DBM-order field /DBM/VBAK_DB-VGUID is populated with product GUID of vehicle on header level.

Field /DBM/VBAP-CHARG is populated with internal vehicle no. on item level.

So, link between vehicle and PO / DBM-order is already there. In case of change of VIN according documents have to be changed as well.

Just a hint for you.



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Hi Joachim,

Just a small correction: There is no EKPO-CHARG field instead EKET-CHARG exist.

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Try this VIN decoder by navigate here. I have many experiences in using this tool. Hopefully, the target page can help you solve your issue. Good luck.