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Vehicle Master Order Tab

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Dear Gurus,

         We are configuring vehicle master related settings. We are stuck in the order  tab page. It would be really helpful if someone can explain how order types are getting reflected in the order tab. Is there any specific configuration or navigation tree related settings?

Kindly help.


Gobi Nagarajan


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hi Gobi,

it depends on authorization which is based on order types

if you have full authorization,

then order related to service and parts  are always displayed (i.e. in dbm order type engine is CS/MM)

sales related order types depends on vehicle status.

rest you can also make setting for order type which are valid for particular sales area

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Hi Gobi,

In DBM 800 the orders are searched via TREX search.

You can find guides in the following link:

You have to search TREX settings.

Best Regards,