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Vehicle Data Replication From ECC DBM to CRM (CRM Replication Obj- R3_VEHICLE)

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Hi Experts

We are having a scenario where Vehicle Master Data has to be replicated from ECC DBM to CRM. We have already created the Product Hierarchy for the Vehicles in CRM system. As standalone in CRM we are able to create Vehicle Data, and BP relationships and it is working fine. But the Requirement is that Vehicle Master data will be created in the ECC DBM system and then it will be replicated to CRM system. We have replicated the Material data from ECC DBM to CRM.

We are using the Replication Objects: R3_VEHICLE, R3_VEHI_1O and R3_VEHI_BUPAREL to pull the Vehicle related data from ECC DBM to CRM, We have not used any filters and taking the Initial Load. We can see the Ques are getting generated in ECC but when we are checking in CRM (T-code: SMW01) the Ques are empty.

We have tried finding it out solution on SAP help but did not have much success.

Is there any config or settings which is required to replicate the Vehicle Data from ECC DBM to CRM from the Replication objects??? Any Ideas would be much appreciated.



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Hi Amit,

Till DBM7.0 there is no standard integration between DBM & CRM

If you are implementing DBM 8.0, upgrade it to DBM SP03, there are some adapters for you to have replication from DBM to CRM in this release.


Sachin Balmiki