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we want to change the Availability Status of vehicle from *Available for Contract to Not In Service*

Can any 1 able to guide how to do it?



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ok. let's try:

the availability of a vehicle is changed by a VMS action that is executed.

This is caused by action matrix configuration in the VMS:

IMG -> logistics execution -> VMS -> control data -> define action controls ...

Here, select an action matrix (right side), and then click twice on the field "availability, locations and planned delivery" (left side).

or use transaction OVELO11

Screenshot of an example is attached to this post.

See also the online help:

Note: when definining the action matrices for the availability, make sure that the availability is not unforeseen overwritten by other actions. The best way is to define the availibility only by one matrix, as long as the actions of assigned matrices to the vehicle model don't interfere with each other in regards to the availability.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you need further help.

Best, Ute

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Thanks for the information.

I have found that the AVAILABILITY status is controled by Action control and actions which we can do using OVELO11 OVELO12 and OVELO13

Thanks & Regards


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It is also possible to change the status of the vehicle manually by VELOE - Correct Incorrect Vehicle Status.

This is only to be recommended if you want to sort out data inconsistencies. In other words, this report should be used with care!