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Time booked in CATS is not posted to controlling

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we are facing a problem when creating billing for work orders on which perticuler technician has done time booking.

After doing the goods movement, time clocking when try to go for create billing, getting error messages:

Time booked in CATS is not posted to controlling,

billing not allowed and Event billing-CREATE cannot be processed (see long text).

When we see status overview said that the time was confirmed.

I checked the PERNR status in PA30 its showing active from 2/11/09 - 12/31/9999 and The time clocked for labor on identified RO's is for date before 2/11/09. Is this problem because of validity period for this Technician??



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Dear Vishal,

Are you sure that time is booked correctly for the order and technician?

Go to TA: CAT3 and check if there are correct clockings for that order for that technician?

If not, you might have to either clock time again or manually edit time in TA: CAT2.

ALso, Would you run transaction CAT7 for that technician once and see if there are any entries which are not sent to controlling. Perform this step first and try to bill the order. If this doesnt work, update clocking time, and run CAT7 for the postings to reach controlling.

Hope this helps.

Best regards,


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hi harsha,

Thanks for the inputs.

This was problem because of validit period only