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Third party order processing with Scheduling agreements

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I have a situation here, i am working with an automobile industry and customer sends us EDI 830's (FSD and JIT schedules). we are using scheduling agreements (Doc type - LZ) to process those schedules. I have couple of parts that we dont manufacture and we ask our vendors to ship it direct to customer. i am trying to set up a third party order processing for this sceanario but system is giving me message that i cant use scheduling agreements. i tested with sales order and it worked fine with that. Is there any way to figure out solution with scheduling agreements. Any help will be appriciated.



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The Third Party (or Drop-ship) scenario is not possible in standard SAP using scheduling agreements.

However you can buy an ACS Solution (add-on) from SAP which has some additional functionality and makes this process possible.

See the presentation at the following link:

The presentation includes an email address that you can use to get more info, a quote, etc.

You can find an overview of more ACS solutions here:

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Check this may useful for you: A60 Third Party Order Procurement with Subcontracting in automotive best practice- we implemented this



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You can do a custom development to have a scheduling agreement with item category of no pic and no pack and no MRP

set up a corresponding purchase agreements for these parts and Vendor

Set up a Custome table to link the SA, part and purchase agreement and custom program to run send out forecast and JIT to the Vendor based on this table

Once the Vendor despatches the material you can create a Goods receipt and customer receives you can create a goods issue in the systesm

This development cost versus the cost of getting an addon should be your consideration.