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supersession while DBM order creation using RFC

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I am creating a DBM order using RFC /DBM/ORD_RFC_CREATE. In most of the cases, the order is getting created as I wanted it to be.
But in some cases when supersession is defined for some/all of the material in the package, system throws a pop-up.

the business logic is to select the first line item which is in validity date and has non-zero quantity available. If the required quantity of part is more than available at first line, consume the older one and take remaining from next line. for eg.

Part A is required in 5 numbers.
---> The material has supersession maintained as A.1 and A.2. The quantities available of A.1 is 3 and that of A.2 is 200.
then A.1 should be consumed in 3 numbers and A.2 as 2.

--> if A.1 is available quantity is GE 5, it should choose A.1 only.

I am not having much visibility as how to control this pop-up for supersession.
Is there any flag available for this in RFC ? do we need to enhance anything ?