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Sub Lot creation and Tracibility

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Our client is Auto component supplier, we are implementing PP-Repetetive here. we are going to have multi level BOM.

Following is business requirement at each BOM level:

1. Each production Run is identified as a Batch.

2. A batch will stored in many baskets.

3. Tracibility is need to be at Basket level

Business need to make unique Identification for each Basket.

Basket is consumed (GI) to subsequent header material.

Is there any way we can create sub Batch No for these basket.

Or any suggetsed way to address this requirement


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theoretically the only object in SAP ERP below the batch is the serial number. However the serial number objected is not fully incorporated in the various MM/PP functions and therefore I would not recommend this; especially in the automotive industry.

For traceability requirements in the automotive supplier industry we recommend the additional product: SAP Manufacturing Execution by Visiprise. This product focuses on tracking and traceability and SAP and Visiprise have defined a intergration scenario to be able to address the requirements of the automotive industry. Please see attached link for some highlevel information on this.

[ ]


Jochen Strobel

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Dear Jochen

The solution you have forwarded refers to Discrete process. My requirement is in Repetetive proces.