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Stock transport order and intercompany processing with VMS

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Dear VMS Experts,

I have a concern about how VMS works with 2 standard functionalities:

1) Intercompany processing: We have to manage a scenario where one company code sells some cars to another company code. Do you know if that can be managed with standard actions?

2) Stock transport order: In order to move vehicles form one plant to another, we need to use stock transport orders. I am aware that there is a standard action that performs a plant transfer, but I am not able to add some costs (for example, freight costs) to that action. Do you know if we are able to do this with a standard VMS funcionality?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Best regards,



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Hello Ignacio,

regarding stock transfer orders, there're several possibilities in standard ERP (see I don't know which one you want to use but this doesn't matter.

The bad news is that (as far as I know) none of these is supported out of the box by existing standard VMS actions. The good news is that the documents required by the process (such as a MM purchase order) are already created by existing standard VMS actions (but in a somehow different way).

In my opinion, that's what you have to do:

1.) Read note 903913

2.) Examine how the calls of the standard ERP BAPIs (e. g. BAPI_PO_CREATE1) for your stock

transport order would differ from the standard VMS actions which create such documents (e. g.


3.) Create your own actions

a) If you're lucky, your action doesn't differ much from the SAP standard one and you can get

away with a BAdI implememtation (e. g. BAdI VLC_ORD1_EXECUTE) ...

b) ... otherwise you can only use the standard action as a copy template.

Note: Please make sure that you use your own action document type ("ABA") to make sure that the system doesn't mix up documents created for standard processes such as vehicle procurement with your own ones such as stock transport order in this case. See note 903913 for details.

Kind regards,