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short dump when saving create vehicle

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Hello guys

when I create vehicle, and save it ,there will be an short dump, the error information is below. what should I do? thanks !

Category               ABAP Programming Error

Runtime Errors         ASSERTION_FAILED

ABAP Program           /DBM/CL_VEH_DBMVEHICLE========CP

Application Component  IS-A-DBM

Date and Time          03.12.2015 13:41:13

Short Text

     The ASSERT condition was violated.

What happened?

     The current application program has detected a situation with the

     ASSERT statement that should not occur.

     The reason for this runtime error was one of the following:

     - For the checkpoint group specified with the ASSERT statement, the

     activation mode is "abort".

     - A system variant has been used to set the activation mode to "abor

     globally for all checkpoint groups in this system.

     - The activation mode is set to "abort" at program level.

     - The ASSERT statement is not assigned to any checkpoint groups.

thanks again!


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Can you please share what transaction did you run & what inputs did you put in ?


Sachin Balmiki

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the transaction is  :/DBM/VM

now, I found when I have input the vehicle mode, the model category isn't display,


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Hi Dandan,

Please check whether following pre-requisites are been done by you:

1. Created the Set types for the vehicle in SAP COMM product Hierarchy.

Cross-Application components -> SAP product -> Product without customizing transfer from backend systems

Select "Maintain Categories/Hierarchies"

2. verify whether you have followed the below steps:

Cross-Application components -> SAP product -> Product Category -> Assign Category Hierarchies to Applications

Select "Assign Hierachhies to Applications":

for application 03 Product you have to assign hierarchy ID "DBM_VHCLE"

Select "Assigmt per Product Type for Application Product:

for product type 01 Material you have to assigne hierarchy ID "DBM-VHCLE"

3. Maintain the configuration-   /DBM/SPRO--->Vehicle-->Vehicle Model master--> category determination for vehicle-->Define Table of Criteria--> /DBM/V_MC_CTRL--> Click on Details.

4. Lastly If any of the above still doesnt solve the problem, then I will ask you to check whether the Client copy of the VMS configuration is present in the client where the error is occuring. The action control DBM1 & DBM2 needs to exist.

Also let me know what is the SP level of DBM 8.0 version you are working on.. & what is the MRSS Version & SP level.

Whether you have activated any BC sets?


Sachin Balmiki