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SAP Dealer Business Management

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I have defined a new schema of item categories for the DBM Order.

This schema is attached with on of the Order Type.

I have created another Order Type for which Item category schema is different. The two schema have many item categories in common.

While Order copy, those items are also copied in the target order which are not available in target order's schema.

Can someone suggest how to restrict the same.


Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Surendra,

You can use following path of configuration or user traction /DBM/ITEM_COPY.

DBM SPRO--> Order->Copying of items->Determination of item category->Define criteria.

Here you can maintain source to target item category copy control at various levels of criteria tables.

Alternatively, you can restrict copy of items at following configuration path:

DBM SPRO--> Order->Copying of orders->Define Copying Control for Order Type

choose your copy combination & uncheck copy items.

I hope this helps


Sachin Balmiki

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Hi Sachin.

Thanks for your comments.

But none of these option gives facility to restrict item category from copying.

Copy Control provides you facility only to allow copying of items or not but not at item category level.


Former Member
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Hi Surendra,

What is your requirement?

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Hi Ganesh,

I have defined an Item category which shall be applicable to a specific Order Type.

I shall not be allowed to copy any item under this item category to a target order of different order type. However, other items from different can be copied.


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HI Surendra,

For this SAP has provided Exit Code in customization setting as shown in attached screen

you also have to implement BADI /DBM/ORDER_COPY_BADI..with same F1 help on this field.

In this BADI you can use your own logic to remove or allow items for copying...