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SAP DBM-Warranty Processing Issue

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Dear Experts,

We are building the SAP DBM-Dealer Business Management in our system and also done the required configurations to run a simple cycle.

The business object (Vehicle Object) is getting created in the system but the warranty related data is not fetched
from the system for the particular business object. We have done the configurations to enable the warranty but still it is not functioning.

Can you please help to solve the issue?

Is there any specific configuration that we need to carry out to start the warranty?

Do we need to assign any fields to enable the warranty?

How does the warranty work in the DMB?

Screenshot for Reference:

Thanks in Advance!



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Hi Thiru,

The warranty data doesn't get activated automatically.

Please do the configuration in the /DBM/WTY1 transaction. Define the warranty category & Warranty terms against the category.

Once the configuration is done then you will be able to add the warranty to the vehicle.


Sachin Balmiki

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Hi Thiru,

please consider that only warranty categories from wty profile with wty control = 1 (vehicle control) can be used in vehicle master.

Find details in my blog concerning this check: