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SAP Auto Dealer Portal

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Hi Team,

1. I am working on a Pursuit to Implement SAP Auto Dealer Portal (Dealer Front End).

2. I have 2 options, Reuse an Older Web based version (based on Web and Business Server Pages  - Implemented at a different site few year ago) or Redevelop using newer Webdynpro and Netweaver based Dealer Portal. - Please suggest if its feasible to reuse and leverage and yet acheive a Shorter Implementation cycle?

3. I feel the versions are incompatible and hence reusing may not be feasible, only way I feel is a Lot of Interfacing between Older version and Newer version can be done and make it work.

4. Do you suggest Develop a New Dealer Portal directly using the SAP's Auto Dealer Portal (new version) and use the Processes, Scenarios and Data from the last implementation.

5. I would need Features of New Dealer Portal not available in the Older Web based version (additional features)

6. Also, A detailed document on the New Dealer Portal - if someone has.

7. Any Standard list of Interfaces that need to be written to use the New Dealer Portal.




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Product and Topic Expert
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