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Parts to apply to Multiple Manufacturers

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Dear Friends

We are looking for the solution where we can apply Parts to Multiple Manufacturers

Like as of now we are giving Manufacturer code / OEM in Material Master in Sales:Sales Org:1,

Manufactutrer in Purchasing Tab

Now, our requirment is like I have material A presently which we are purchasing from OEM / Manufacturer XYZ.

Now some times it may happen OEM / Manufacturer XYZ not havign stock for the same. That time I want to purchase this material A from OEM / Manufacturer ABC.

How can we do this?

Thanks & Regards



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Hi Vishaal,

Greetings of the day!!!

I dont know if there are any direct ways of doing this without any development effort, but in one of my previous projects, they have handled it in 2 different situations..

1. By not defaulting the Vendor number in the Material Master i.e. When ever the material is used in any PO's or any inbound logistics, Vendor number is given manually and there by allowing the Material to be used for different Vendors.

2. Createting a new material as the present one, say the actual material is Part1, and the second material is Part 2. Create a Supersession chain between these two materials, with different Vendors in each material Master. So, while selecting the material in Orders, System would propose a pop-up with the selection criteria to select different materials, then when we select the second one instead of the first one, then theat would take tha alternative Vendor automatically.

Hope this was helpful.

Best regards,


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hi Harsha

Thanks for the reply.

Even i had first option in mind but which is not acceptable to client and regarding second option i need to check.

Thanks Again,



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Hi Vishaal,

I have got to know about one of the standard ERP Objects called SOURCE LISTS (TA: ME01), which can be used to assign multiple vendors to a specific materials..

I dont know much about this topic myself, but may be you can try and explore the options out.

Hope this is of some help to you.

Best regards,


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Thanks Harsha