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Open sales orders

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Trust somebody can assist me. We have some open sales orders with stock on hand but no storage locations allocated. Therefore these sales orders are still open.

I need a transaction code :

-  to have an overview how many open sales orders exist with no storage location allocated.

-  the value of these open sales orders with no storage location allocated

-  then I need to determine how to fix this problem that these sales order can get released

Thanks for feedback




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I don't have an answer, but a couple very basic questions to jump start the discussion.

Do you mean orders with no value in VBAP-LGORT?

How does this field normally get populated in your environment?  

Is this field part of the incompletion procedure?

Are you doing availability checking?

If it's a small number of customers, can you use the Line Item view of VA05 (or VA35) and add the Storage Location and the Order Quantity and Net Price to start to get a handle on the value?  Or something similar, like a QRY