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Not getting the error while creating billing for partially confirmed parts

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Hi everyone,

In DBM I have created a service order in which part is also added, but the thing is part is available in a quantity of 5 but I need 10.So entered 10 in the quantity field . Now when I click on create billing should get an error but instead of that not getting any error and all the documents are also generated.

Can anyone please provide me the solution for this.

Thanks & Regards,



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Hi Siva,

according to your requirement billing should only be possible after goodsmovement is completly done for that item (Statsu = C).

Please checke the status precondition for billing action


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Hi Robert,

Thanks for your reply.

Goods movement is  done for partially confirmed parts.

Can you please suggest me where I should configure in-order to get the error goods movement not possible for partially confirmed parts.

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via customization you can do status precondition for goods_movement action which check on ATP status or with help of ABAPer a small check BAdI implementation for the goods movement action.