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New Here?

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… same to us. This forum has been created just a few weeks ago.

Who are you then?

Apparently, you are interested about what is published in this forum, and also in the BPX Automotive. Oh, sorry, didn’t we introduce ourselves? We – that are the IBU* Automotive people who engage their business network to share their views and experiences via the BPX Automotive. We all are looking for feedback to our actions and thinking, want to get questions answered, and be challenged with new ones.

And you? What drives you all days? Would you be in Walldorf, we probably would meet in one of the famous coffee corners, and chat about the news in our industry. But this does not work all the time …

So, for now – just say “hello”, betray yourself, and tell us which thought has guided you here.

Happy holidays,


'*IBU is the TLA for Industry Business Unit


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What is the TLA for TLA ?

What is the latest and greatest feature available in SAP for Automotive

Is there a newsletter ? Not obvious..

Point to me. Add me to the DL..

Is it snowing in/around WDF ?

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Good questions .... Automotive newsletters have been stopped some time ago.

No, no snow, just cold.

Happy new year, Kishore.

Best, Ute