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Material Inquiry

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a) Kindly provide all the possible T-Codes for Material inquiry in DBM.

b) Is it possible to have a material inquiry screen similar to those used in the Inhouse systems like Orion, Dealerman, Autoplus etc. We presume that in SAP it is a creation of a material inquiry file.

c) Is it possible to view the branch stock availabilities in the same screen which displays the unrestricted quantities, material prices etc.

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Material inquiry would have to be treated as yet another parts quotation in terms of DBM orders.

I am not sure how the other systems provide all such details, but I will tell you as to what you can look for in DBM Quotation.

First of all, no parts quotation orders are delivered, so a new order type has to be created, which should not have goods issue or billing events activated for that order type.

In that order, one can add materials and see the availability in terms of stock, price, any supersessions associated with the materials. Using some delivered events, one can check the stock in the near by plants as well.

Hope this info helps you.

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