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How to manage Matrix switch

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Dear VMS experts,

I have one questions about matrix. I'm implemeting a core model that will foresee a very big big Matrix. Since in the future more additional countries will be added in our scenario, how is it possible to mantain a matrix like this?

For example, the action Z123 Omologation will be managed in way 1 for Italy and way 2 for Spain. Do you suggest to manage a sort of swith to other matrix (that cointaines only some specific features for each company) or another technicality?

The request is to not create one big matrix for each company, but one core model matrix.




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HI Elena,

If you try to understand the basics of action matrix , it will help you design lean action matrix.


Their are two matrix determined for each vehicle , i.e primary & secondary.

Primary - It defines the process through which vehicle will enter into you stock and its further movements.

Secondary - It Deals with your sales of vehicle, outbound delivery.

Both matrix can be determined based on combination of plant, purchase org & sales org. Means you can have different purchase process i.e different purchase process for different plant and different sales process for different sales organisation. However, if standard action matrix determination based on organizational units does not satisfy your requirement , you can still use enhancement to determine the actions matrix based on your own logic.

Question Single or Multiple Matrix:

  If you are going to operate on same vehicle in same SAP client...then most probably you are going to transfer the chassis (Stock with VIN) from one country to in this case it is always better to have only two matrix assigned to vehicle master, so the change in geographical locations will not affect the behavior of vehicle .

For e.g in same SAP client if matrix A is created only for one country .and after transferring stock to other country it should have different behavior....this is not possible since Vehicle Matrix in SAP are generated at the time of its creation and you have to find some enhancement or speak to SAP for re determination of action matrix

As per my understanding one actions can be created that differ bit in behavior like controls and information data etc. not from finance .

For e.g as you said action is different for Italy and Spain this case before user clicks on  Z action you will have sufficient knowledge if the vehicle country is spain or itally and accordingly offer user interface, checks and data entry options, no need to create two actions unless their are major differences .

Also note their are lot of BADI's and Enhancements available that will help you manage your business complexity, I suggest use this to manage complexity instead of going for to much complex customization of matrices as later creates more problem in future.

I will suggest stick to standard SAP matrix and enhance them with new actions keep , do analysis of all new requirement and various ways of implementing not just by addition action to matrix ,



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Thank a lot for you anwer. Yes I have already worked with VMS but this project is the most complex one because we are designing a global worlwide model with a lot of companies.

I'm according to you that it's better to manage only the 2 standard matrix.

Just one point: about BADI and ENHANCEMENT do you have some useful link/documentatio that I can study? Now I'm not sure how I have to proceed.

Thanks a lot


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HI Elena,

Go to SPRO->Logistic Execution-> Vehicle Management System (VMS)->Business Add-ins here you will find specific documents for each badi.

Yes most of the business process will remains almost same for core business operations...only country specific variances should be noted down and then you have to deliberate over to decide how to merge them into one action or exclusive action, or implement preparation BAID or Post action BADI. Again as I said, if you have same SAP client then VIN number may move across plant over different countries and technically action matrix is selected at the creation of vehicle master ...

Based on your study of variance in process for all companies you can decide if two or multiple matrix are required.

Basic rule is try to create play with both option , i,e imagine what if with only two matrix , if you find that their are lot differences in sales process or purchase process can difficult for you to accommodate in single matrix , e.g . Only MTO or MTS is allowed for some companies.