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External Kanban and usage of BORGR

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Dear all,

so far I've been working with the transaction BORGR for the goods receipt postings of "standard" inbound deliveries, and with internal Kanban for the line-feeding process (material request, from the production to the warehouse).

Now we need to cover also another scenario: "external Kanban" (material request, from the production directly to the vendor).

Do you have any experience concerning external Kanban? How do you post goods receipt in this case and achieve that the materials go to the production line without warehousing? Using BORGR? Have you experience with the "summarized JIT calls" functionality of this transaction?.

Thank's in advance for your support!


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Hello Eliana,

my colleagues who as replied to your previous post on BORGR is on vacation at present. I'll forward your post to him.

best regards,