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DBM - What is Original Parts Master

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Hi SAP Gurus,

I found out there is original parts master in the DBM transaction /DBM/MMXX. the question is, what is actually Original Parts Master mean, and how to maintain ?

below is the link for DBM Parts

SAP Library - Dealer Business Management (IS-A-DBM)


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The entries we create in /DBM/MMXX are stored in /DBM/OMARA Table which stores data like part number, OEM, manufacturer, price, purchasing Vendor and all which helps to search required details and can also be used to create Material / Parts.

This makes sure that you create only required parts for service / sales.

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The /DBM/OMARA table is the basis for creating Parts and is based on Vendor specific information.

Creation of Material from Original Parts Master - Dealer Business Management (IS-A-DBM) - SAP Librar...

The Parts tape from the Vendor creates a record in /DBM/OMARA with the price, minimum order quantity and other information.

As identified in the previous post, it is created via /DBM/MM01 and the record is used via /DBM/MMXX to create the Material Master, Info Record, purchasing price and sales price.

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Hi Hairul

How are you man?

Orginal part master is a list of part number which OEM / Manufacturer supplies to you.

However a lot of times you do not use all the parts which the OEM parts master have, so to avoid creation of surplus part master or active part masters the OMARA table is been provided to just fill in the table will all the OEM part numbers list.

So you do no have active part masters, but if you want to create any part number which is not created as material you just use the tcode /DBM/MMXX to create them quickly & start using them in the DBM order.


Sachin Balmiki