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Creation of capacity pots in sap mrs 800 sp06

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While creating capacity pots in sap mrs 800 sp06, when i execute the following transaction i see a field Parallel Cap. Pot processing.

I would like to know the usage of this field while creating pots.


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Hi Manoj,

Before answering your question may I know what scenarios you are using in Appointment booking.

Capacity Pots enables appointment booking functionality to book jobs of a certain job type without assigning directly a resource. The actual assignment between the created appointment and the appropriate resource is done with MRS functionality either manually or by optimizer.

Capacity Pots have basic availability maintained at work center level with respect to job type which requires qualification of the resource. Resource with multiple qualifications can be hierarchically mapped

The master data is formed for capacity pots is through various data.So if when you are creating a capacity pot with this field relevancy there is a possibility to have free capacity or matching capacity on the same planning node.Henceforth when you maintain this field you can identify the relevant capacity pots which suits your need.

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Manoj,

Is the issue resolved on the capacity plots.


Sachin Balmiki

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HI Sachin,

The question is unanswered, I am referring to MRSS Pot creation where we have a field called parallel cap. pot    processing.

Just want to know why we have this field in this transaction and the usage of this field.

I have got some clue that the field is used during time proposal in appointment screen for time allocation in time slots.

Thanks & Regards,

Manoj Bind

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Hi Manoj,

"Parallel Capacity Pot Processing" field value determines the number of work processes that the system uses when processing the capacity pots in parallel using report /MRSS/POT_CREATE_CAPA_POTS.

Creating Capacity Pots - SAP Multiresource Scheduling - SAP Library


Suhas K U