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Changes after activating DIMP in ECC

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Hi all,

We are in ECC 6.0 and we want to implement Warranty Claim process from Dealer to Vendor,end to end. For that, we are also planning to activate IS-Auto (DIMP). But before doing so, we want to know the impacts/changes that would happen in ECC after activating DIMP.

Kindly help me know more on the above said.

Thanks and Regards



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Dear Madhu,

Pl use note 874471 for information regarding activation of DIMP and its effects

There are other notes that you could use, pl search after "DIMP Activation in ECC" in the same SDN, that would give you all the additional details

Refer to thread for some more details -

Hope this is helpful.

Best regards,


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please use the note 933963 too. There, you will find the preconditions, restrictions and consequences with the activation of the business function DIMP.

Please note, the activation of the business function DIMP is not reversible! Through the actibation of the business function DIMP,

some DDIC objects will be changed, processes will be modified too.

Best regards