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Change of VEHI Code (Model Number)

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Hi experts,

Vehicles are into stock having VEHI (Model Number) of 3 digits.

I want to change the VEHI (model Number) 3 digit of thes vehicles to New VEHI (Model number) of 18 Digits.

Is it possible through action?




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Dear Mahesh,

Regret to say I feel that your messge is not clear enough to elicit a reply.

Allow me to append your question and seek your clarification such that I may shed some light on your query after you reply to my following query.

You would recall that there is a "Material (MATNR)" which has internal vehicle nos as its sub set and the VINs attached to the Internal vehicle no. This MATNR is often the vehicle model, at times not.

In your scenario which is the MODEL. The MATNR or the class or what? based on your response maybe I could add some value.



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Dear Trriq,

I am re-implementing VMS. I am developing new action matrix & actions.

Existing VMS is having Vehicle Model (Material Type - VEHI) is of 3 Characters (e.g H35)

I proposed the New Vehicle Model (Material Type - VHEI) is of 18 Characters (e.g H35ABC123491234123)

At present system is having stock of H35 Model for VIN Numbers 80919, 80918.

I want to change to Vehicle Model of stock vehicles (80919 & 80918) from H35 to H35ABC123491234123.

How to do this?

I hope you my requirement is clear enough.



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HI Mahesh,

Ideally it should not be possible to change the model of a vehicle once the processing starts, but with some program (custom program) you can choose to do so. You need to create a new action, include that into the matrix, create a BADi/function module which forcefully replaces the new vehi type material in place of the old material. Thats like changing the system tables.

If the business accepts this, then they can try to create new vehicles, get to the present status of the existing vehicles (either by performing steps in action matrix or getting the statuses changed to the existing status of the existing vehicle using VELOB or VELOE)

Then, remove the stock from the existing vehicle and make it ibsolete, populate the stock of the vehicle using MIGO.

This is one way of achieving what you wanted to achieve.

Best regards,


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Dear Mahesh,

I understad your problem as follows:

1. You wish to change the Material X (type VEHI) to Material Y the type remaining the same as VEHI.

2. You have invetory of Material X

3. Material Y would have the same VIN as for material X.

So how to go about it.

I would not suggest changing the tables etc whic is not a recommended practice, but its your choice finally.

First and foremost, do a reverse GRN and remove the stock, and also use the necessary actions as available in your scenario to remove it being shown as "open PO either".

Second, remove the VIN in question against the material X

Third, create a new material Y, go through the process of showing it in VMS and the load the same VIN to the material Y.

The above in my opinion, would be the straightforward approach with no untoward implications and through all std means.