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Canbilisation of parts

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I am having a typical senario in automobile dealership is canbalisation, explanation is

"A customer vehicle is standing in workshop beacuse of part is not avilable, parts deprtment is having issue of OEM backorder for the same part.

Now i have a same model make vehicle in my sales dept standing, i am using that part for my customer vehicle, and on recipt of part from OEM i am issueing it on my sales vehicle."

How this senario in DBM can be mapped ?



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Dear Kaustabh,

Let me start this way. You made me think in hundred different angles. I have not come across this earlier, so a topic learnt.

Coming to scenario:

This is not a standard process and so a tweeked approach is needed here.

There is crude way of doing this.

Delete the reservation created in ECC, and performing a Goods issue in ECC using MIGO.

Then continue working with the order.

For the vehicle where in the part is removed, an internal service order has to be created for the part and the regular cycle of procurement untill the part araises.

Other way of doing this:

Create an event in DBM which deletes the reservation and assigns the "made available part" available part to the order (that is to have a manual priority in allocating parts to orders rather than the standard availability process) and there by assigning the part to the customer vehicle and letting the customer go away.

Simultaneously, an internal service order to be created for the vehicle in the showroom and the part to be procured for this. This order has to be created internally because the company has to bear the expences for this vehicle.Here new labor values are also needed for removing the part from the existing vehicle, so that the technician efficiency is taken care of. This should also involve authorizations and tweeks in action matrix to accomodate the change in the events.

There are other ways of doing this, esp overwriting the reservations using standard ECC, but this has to be determined by an MM & FI consultant in ur project as that involves accounting entries because of goods movement.

Hope this is helpful.

Best regards,